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Jason McPheeters Photographer About Profile - Smith Rock Oregon

Jason McPheeters

Bend, Oregon

Jason McPheeters Biography photo

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About Jason McPheeters

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read this!  I am a Travel & Landscape Photographer, snowboarder, former Journeyman Electrician, and I grew up in Bend, Oregon, where I am currently based.  I specialize in travel and landscape photography from around the PNW and Central Oregon, capturing stories and inspiring people to enjoy simplicity in life.  


How did I get into photography?  Well, my life story took an unfortunate turn after the loss of my beautiful wife, Megan, at  the age of 39.  Earth shattering was an understatement.  My outlook on life drastically changed.  I felt lost and often hopeless, like my life was over.  What I didn't know was that by holding on, I would find direction and a path to healing.  A new love, Julie, walked into my life.  She loves to travel and our weekend adventures helped me escape the day-to-day depression and anxiety I had been living with.  We both realized life was too fragile and short to let it pass by without doing the things we loved, and how important self-care really is (and that self-care is not selfish).  So we re-evaluated our lives, left great jobs, and spent six months on the road.  We traveled the US and Canada, sharing our beautiful travel photos with the world.


Changing what you see.  Seeing these amazing landscapes in person was very healing for me.  I learned that looking at beautiful images helps heal the brain in many ways.  It reduces stress, reduces anxiety, and promotes endorphin production.  I found that it’s important to pay attention to the beauty around us because beautiful imagery distracts us from stress and sadness, inspires us, and makes us smile, even if just for a moment.  When I shared my images with others, they were being moved by the same beauty.  So that's how photography became my passion.


Back in Bend, we continue to travel the backroads of the Pacific Northwest and Central Oregon, finding unique fine art landscapes and imagery that hopefully inspires you to travel,  follow your calling, or tell your story. 


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